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After the hight school in business accounting and working in my family’s business, I decided to follow my true passion for good food. I moved to Piedmont, specifically Turin, were I attended the Les Meridens Cooking Accademy. Following two years of study and internships I began my career by working all around Italy and Europe. I worked at the Forte Village (best resort in the word) in Sardegna, and worked in different regions learning different and local traditions, in Umbria for Casa Vissani, in Siena for the new restaurant in Castel Monastero Resort for Gordon Ramsey. I went to France and worked at Saint Maxime on the Cote Azzure then to England where I worked at Zafferano in London. I later moved on to Yorkshire where I worked in a imporant hotel, In Switzerland I worked in a private chalet in St.Moritz. In Florence I was the Executive Chef at Villa Fiesole Hotel (Florence hotel group). After all of these years of learning my art and working in different places all over Italy, France, England, Switzerland, I’ve decided to put my experience to work for you as a private chef.

Buon Apettito!

Diego Puddu

Company - Restaurant: Private chef & catering

Costoletta alla Milanese

Prep. time: 15

Cook Time: 8

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

People: 4

Medium eggs 2/3 (Free Range organic)

Veal chops with bone 4

Clarified butter 250 g

Himalayan salt.

Breadcrumbs 200g


To realize the Costoletta alla Milanese , the meat should not be pounded therefore only clean it . Now beat the eggs in a bowl and coarsely grate the dried bread. Continuing the preparation of the rib , past each side of the egg beaten egg and then in bread crumbs ; press well the breading in the meat , make sure that the bread crumbs cover the meat perfectly.

Place the butter in a pan , let it melt and then add the ribs and let them brown well on both sides medium - low heat . If you fry two cutlets at a time , use half the butter and when you have finished the operation clean the pan and fry the remaining chops with the remaining butter . Serve your chops still hot but , before doing so , have the foresight to put on the bone with aluminum so that

Chef Tips

Instead of Bread Crumbs you can use grissini

Wine pairing:




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