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Chef Diego Puddu: Costoletta alla Milanese

Costoletta alla Milanese

Prep. time: 15

Cook Time: 8

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

People: 4


Medium eggs 2/3 (Free Range organic)

Veal chops with bone 4

Clarified butter 250 g

Himalayan salt.

Breadcrumbs 200g


To realize the Costoletta alla Milanese , the meat should not be pounded therefore only clean it . Now beat the eggs in a bowl and coarsely grate the dried bread. Continuing the preparation of the rib , past each side of the egg beaten egg and then in bread crumbs ; press well the breading in the meat , make sure that the bread crumbs cover the meat perfectly.

Place the butter in a pan , let it melt and then add the ribs and let them brown well on both sides medium - low heat . If you fry two cutlets at a time , use half the butter and when you have finished the operation clean the pan and fry the remaining chops with the remaining butter . Serve your chops still hot but , before doing so , have the foresight to put on the bone with aluminum so that

Chef Tips

Instead of Bread Crumbs you can use grissini torinesi

Wine pairing:






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