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Zafferano & Co. Friends: Chef Sergio Corbia


Chef Sergio is perhaps best known for the development of the iconic celebrity destination: Mauro’s Cafe inside Fred Segal Melrose. As Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Mauro’s Café, Sergio delighted a wide ranging group of loyal customers from all over the globe. Mauro’s Cafe remains a mecca for fine Italian dining to all of Hollywood’s elite. Sergio Corbia has continued to expand his success internationally, consulting for vibrant restaurants throughout South America and Asia.

Chef Sergio has become successful at crafting warm, family-style environments that highlight the fresh, regional Italian dishes that originally inspired him to go into the culinary arts. Chef Sergio and his brother Mauro continue to raise our dining experience. At Ciabatta Bar Cucina Italiana the Corbia Brothers will reaffirm Los Angeles as an international destination for incredible food.

Company - Restaurant: Owner/Executive Chef of CB Group (Ciabatta Bar)

Location: Los Angeles California

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