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Zafferano & Co. Friends: Stefano Urru and Brothers.

Fabrizio Urru - Gianluca Urru - Stefano Urru


Chef/Sommelier/restaurateur Stefano Urru managed for several years all the aspects of his historical family restaurant, in the south of Sardinia (Cagliari).

Growing up Stefano felt the need to thoroughly understand all the production processes from the beginning to the end.

After years of studying and hard work, but primarily passion for his job, Stefano received the title of Sommelier and Master Brewer.

Soon after, another achievement came his way when he was recognized as an artisan ice cream maker.

Stefano's passion and knowledge drove him to a new challenge in his career when he took on the responsibility of ensuring that most of the products of his restaurant were produced within Sardinia.

Stefano was fortunate to have two bothers in which to share his passion, Fabrizio (left) and Gianluca (middle). Working in sync the brothers each cover important positions in the restaurant.

After years of living and working offshore, Fabrizio went back to his roots to stay with his brothers and go forward with the family business. Fabrizio is currently the GM of their restaurant.

Gianluca Urru, like his brother Fabrizio, worked offshore for several years where he grew his knowledge for his first and only love, the kitchen. Gianluca is currently the Executive Chef of their restaurant.

Presently Stefano is involved in the project of opening a craft brewery, He translates his skills as a wine sommelier to his presentation of craft beers so that his customers can enjoy their subtle flavors and chemistry. At the same time he is engaged in serving consistent and high quality products to customers in this large venue where on peak days more than a thousand customers enjoy their mealtimes. This family institution has taken on the mission of sharing the culture of healthy eating and drinking with their fellow Sardinians.

Company - Restaurant: I Tre Archi

Location: Sardinia Italy

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