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Ettore Murgia was born in Cagliari on August 30, 1969. He was the third of six brothers born to Augusto and Teresa Murgia. Augusto was a well known restaurateur when he moved to Cagliari in 1950 form Seui, Sardinia. He began his family life with his wife Teresa Corgiolu from Jerzu, the land of the acclaimed Cannonau wine. Hector is of genuine Ogliastra lineage.

His parents endured a life of sacrifices to bring up six children and to give them opportunities that propelled them to a better life. For the children, Augusto was not only a father but also a teacher. To all of his children he taught the craft of restaurateur and at the same time continued the craft himself. Ettore started, like his other brothers, as a young boy in his father’s restaurant doing a bit of all the tasks of the restaurant. While working, Ettore continued his studies and went on to receive his college degree in 1990 making him an expert in Agricultural Diversification. In 1991 Augusto left the restaurant, S'Aligusta e su Pisci to Ettore and his brothers. Ettore managed the restaurant for a period then for a time had the opportunity to practice the profession of land surveyor, working with the ERSAT and Coldiretti.

In 1998 Ettore returned to the restaurant industry opening Vela Cafe in the shopping center Le Vele where he currently continues his craft in his cafe with his two brothers and 8 employees.

Company - Restaurant: Vela Cafe'

Location: Sardinia Italy

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