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Chef Emanuel Concas was born in Cagliari in July of 1975. At an early age he went to alberghiero Scala di Giocca Sassari in Sardinia.a well known culinary school. During the summer of his college years Concas worked as an apprentice at a variety of hotel restaurants in Sardinia. Although the work experience was valuable, he yearned for experience that went beyond the small restaurants he inhabited. After graduating from college Concas wanted to spread his wings! As a passionate chef he sought to work in a variety of kitchens so as to broaden his knowledge. He choose London in which to work and grow as a chef and for a number of years he developed his craft at many restaurants including Bibi and River Cafe.

The itch for knowledge was strong so Concas went to the other side of the world to try his craft in Australia working in a variety of restaurants including Mezza Luna. Curious about the food of many cultures he even took a brief turn in Japan.

Taking this knowledge with him, he arrived in New York in 1999 where he shared his craft as a chef with numerous restaurants including San Pietro.

During his experience in New York Emanuel met Fabio Camardi in the year of 2009. The two shared a vision of opening a farm to table restaurant which would use authentic and unrivaled products… and they did just that! Their first restaurant (a resounding success) was Mercato ( Market in english). Then in March of 2016 their brand expanded with the opening of Ulivo (Olive tree). Concas and his partner continue, to this day, to cheer the palates of their New York patrons!.

Company - Restaurant: Executive Chef/Restauratour Ulivo Restaurant

Location: New York New York

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