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Enrico Proietti was born in Sabaudia Latina, a small town close to Rome. He began his passion for the food industry by attending culinary school in Rome, completing his studies at the young age of 17. He began his work in Monte Carlo where he was attracted to the international industry providing him with a rich and varied experience. Thereafter he went to London where he dedicated himself to expanding his knowledge by seeking out restaurants and chefs he felt he could learn from.

His dream from a young age was to open his own restaurant in the United States. When his wife planned to relocate in the U.S due to her vocation he saw his opportunity to reinvent his life's work in New York. In 1985 he opened his first New York restaurant, Ciao Bella where he was dedicated to preserving Italian authenticity. He began by bringing in six Italian cooks from Italy with their deep cultural roots and a front of the house staff who were raised in Italy as well. This devotion propelled him to become a prominent force in New York. Due to the success of this endeavor he opened Mosaico. He went on to open Baraonda, Bella blu and Per lei. Proietti is a detail oriented restaurateur. From the authenticity of products to the cultural experience for his clientele he serves up a one of kind experience. His loyal clientele have come to know that Proietti does not cut corners and each dish is of meticulous quality, from the perfect al dente pasta to the outstanding branzino ai ferri.

What began as a first endeavor blossomed into an industry standard of five milestone restaurants in the New York scene.

Company - Restaurant: Proietti Group

Location: New York New York

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