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Zafferano & Co. Friends: Pier Paolo Radice


Paolo Radice was born in Milan, Italy where he fell in love with the food industry as a child.

He began by helping his mother and grandmother cooking sunday and holiday meals.

His parents sent him to study to become an electrical engineer but at night he would work in restaurants all over Milano to make an income and also to learn about the art he loved.

As soon as he got his degree he went for a vacation in the Dominican Republic with a couple of friends. He fell in love with the life there and decided to stay and open his first restaurant called Da Paolo in 1994. At that time in the D.R. it was impossible to find Italian products so Radice made it his mission to import products and educate the people there about Italian food and culture. He even brought seeds and grew his own products including growing Arugula, a new taste in the D.R. It was a difficult process as there was no point of reference for the people there at that time. A case in point was when a customer sent Prosciutto di Parma back to the kitchen saying it would be better if it were “grilled”.

In 2002 he opened another restaurant called Riomarina a Casa de Campo in an elegant tourist resort in the Dominican Republic. The menu consisted of traditional Italian dishes with a focus on fish favored by his elite clientele. In 2014 he opened Lillis, dedicated to his daughter Liana where he became famous for his Italian pizza made with only Italian products.

In December 2016 he joined Zafferano and Co. joining with like minded restaurateurs in the mission to further authentic Italian food culture.

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