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Zafferano & Co. Friends: Ciro Iovine


Ciro Iovine was born in Napoli. He started working in a pizzeria at the early age of 13 years old. He learned to be a chef in the school of hard knocks by working four to five years at this tender age with four master pizza chefs throughout Napoli. By 18 he’d learned the traditional values of his mentors and became a Pizza Maestro in his own right. Following his desire to expand his experience he traveled to Nice, France where he worked as the Pizza Chef for Da Giuseppina. This opened the door for him to travel the world where he broadened his experience working for Rosso Pomodoro and Peperino in Scotland, England, Spain and a many of the major cities around the world. These Napoli franchises have more than 120 locations around the world and allowed Iovine to teach the art of Pizza while experiencing many cultures. At 28 years old in 2010 after enjoying years of travel he set his feet in New York where he met his wife and opened Song e Napule in Greenwich Village. Here he wows his customers with what is considered one of the best pizzas in NYC using 100% Italian products. From Gianluca Deiana, Zafferano & Co. Founder: The day I met Ciro what impressed me the most is that he has three rules, God, family and work which he follows devotedly. He is an amazing father, worker and husband. I truly respect his way of life. As for his work as a chef I’ve tried many pizzas in my life and without any doubt the Ciro pizza is one of the best I’ve had.

Company - Restaurant: Song e Napule

Location: New York - New York

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