Chef Gianluca Deiana Abis: Brodo Di Pollo/ Chicken Soup

Prep. time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 120 minutes

Difficulty: 1 out of 5

Serve: 4-6

Ingredients: 2 organic chicken leg quarters

1 large carrot

3 Celery sticks

1 whole onion

1 potato

2 Garlic cloves

2 Bay leaves

8 black peppercorns

Salt qb


Cover everything with cold water in the cooking pot. Cook on law heat until the chicken is super soft and falling off the bones. Take all vegetables and chicken out. Add any pasta you like and cook until pasta al dente. Your soup is ready! Add cooked vegetables and chicken to you plate for better taste.

Chef tips:

Made from scratch with an easy to make chicken stock, this soup comes together quickly and is a healthy meal that the whole family will love.

The clear, clean broth can now flow in many directions. Whatever is not to be imminently converted to soup should be frozen for future use. For the most basic chicken soup, this recipe will work beautifully with any kind of pasta, rice, or mini raviolis; they all absorb fat and flavor from the soup.


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