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Zafferano & Co Friends: Stefano Pibi the owner of Pbread Natural Bakery

Interview with the owner of Pbread Natural Bakery Stefano Pibi in Cagliari. Pbread bakery is an amazing place where you can find delicious pastries, pizza, and bread which I would qualify as the best in town. You will find here bread with a taste that brings back to "ancient" flavors, simple and natural but at the same time with a touch of modernity that never hurts! Stefano did share with us his life story, where his passion for baking came from. We also tried a delicious 45-day old panettone, an Italian type of sweet bread. Yes! 45 days old and it tastes like it was made today, absolutely delicious. All of his products are natural and organic.

Stefano Pibi worked as an engineer for twenty-three years, but he always had a passion for cooking and good quality of food, especially for baking with lievito madre. Lievito madre is a bread starter. It is the most popular method to make bread in Italy, is using natural yeast; as yeast is a single-celled fungus that consumes carbohydrates as it multiplies thus creating carbon dioxide which causes bread to rise. Stefano preferred to harvest his own lievito madre. Many hours of maturation and leavening, yes, but also selected flours and excellent ingredients for seasoning. He started baking bread for his family and friends. His goal was to find a perfect recipe. Stefano definitely did achieve his goal and the result is Pbread bakery, probably the most favorite place for locals and tourists. Everything is so fresh and delicious. I highly recommend this place to everyone who wants to eat well. Stefano prefers the use of sourdough cured with love in every phase of its daily regeneration, taking inspiration from tradition but applying modern baking techniques. Also, have to mention the interior design of the place. Modern and elegant with the ability to make you feel at home at the same time. Stefano Pibi is always there and he will help you to find a local wine or beer to complete your lunch/dinner. And he speaks English! For breakfast, in addition to croissants and other traditional French viennoiseries, Pbread offers a particular café thanks to a lever machine. The drinks also reflect the philosophy of the place: alongside organic and natural wines and craft beers, the staff recommends vintage drinks such as mousse, cola, and chinotto. Every day, even on Sunday, classic pizza for dinner. The pizza we have eaten there was really unique and delicious! A well-made pizza crust has the perfect combination of flavor and texture. The crust is cooked to perfection and the thickness of the crust is not thin but not super thick either. Just right in the middle. On top of that is some incredible tomato sauce and anchovies.

The commitment and passion they use in what they do are felt in their products. Make sure you visit Pbread Natural Bakery in Cagliari. It’s a lovely place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will be satisfied by good quality and delicious food!

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