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Gianluca Deiana Abis: Astice alla Catalana/ Lobster Salad with Onion and tomatoes

Prep. time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Serve: 2

Ingredients: 1,2 kg Lobster 1 1/2 cup Cherry tomatoes 1 Red onions Half lemon juice 150 g Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp White wine vinegar Salt qb Black pepper qb


To prepare the Catalan lobster, start by cutting the red onion into thin slices and soak it in a bowl covered with water and a spoonful of vinegar for at least 20 min. If you have purchased a live lobster, tie its claws with thick elastic bands, so that it cannot pinch you. In the meantime, boil a large pot of water, in which you will quickly dip the lobster previously rinsed under running water; immediately cover the pot with a lid to avoid splashes of boiling water due to the wiggling of the lobster; after no more than 10-12 minutes, remove the lobster from the water and let it drain.

Take the lobster from the pot and place it on the cutting board; with the help of a chopper, cut the lobster armor on the part of the abdomen along its entire length, then spread the armor apart and extract the whole pulp. If you want you can also proceed in this way: separate the head of the lobster from the rest of the body, then with a chopper, cut the armor of the tail lengthwise with delicacy (both on the back and on the abdomen) in order to extract the whole pulp whole.Once the lobster has been opened in two parts, cut the pulp of the lobster into slices, while with the help of the special tool or with a nutcracker break the shell of the claws and retrieve them the internal pulp extracting it whole (it will have the same shape as the claws).

In a small bowl, collect the soft part of the lobster head with a teaspoon and mix it with oil, lemon, salt and ground pepper. Slice the tomatoes, season them with oil and salt and lay a bed on a serving plate, lay the pulp of the lobster cut into rings and the claws, garnished with the onion slices previously drained and pour over the sauce prepared with oil , lemon and the soft part of the lobster collected with a spoon.

Chef tips:

For a superb result of the Catalan lobster recipe, it would be ideal to buy live lobster, but if you don't feel like deal with this, you can substitute with frozen lobster.

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