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Gianluca Deiana Abis: Sicilian Swordfish

Prep. time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Serve: 2


2 lb Swordfish

½ medium onion, chopped

1 clove of garlic, peeled and finely chopped

2 tbsp of Olive oil

1 cup chopped cherry tomatoes

1/2 cup of dry white wine

1/2 cup pitted black olives

1/2 cup pitted green olives

1 tbsp of Golden raisins

1 tbsp of pine nuts, toasted

1/4 cup of capers

Salt qb

Fresh minced parsley to garnish


Heat the oil in a large frying pan and cook the chopped onions until softened. Add the chopped garlic and cook for about 5 minutes more, without browning. Add chopped tomatoes, keep cooking over a medium-high heat until tomatoes have reduced – this will take less than 10 minutes. Gently stir the sauce and cook for about 5 minutes before blending with the wine.

Place the swordfish in the frying-pan, add the the other ingredients around them. Cook over a low heat for about 15 mins, don’t cook it too much or it will get hard. Cover swordwish steaks with ingredients by helping you with a spoon, so they will absorb even better all the aromas and flavors.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

Chef tips:

If you choose to cook it in the oven, place the swordfish in a shallow overproof dish, surrounded by tomatoes and the other ingredients. Cook covered for about 20 mins to 350F.

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