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This is not Italian: Prosciutto di Parma (Canadian Version)

Parma ham may be sold for the first time in the Canadian market under its own name, "Prosciutto di Parma", without incurring any legal action. Confirmation of this is the positive outcome of the first negotiations conducted by the European Commission this week in Brussels. This would be a bilateral agreement that would provide for the coexistence of the name "Prosciutto di Parma" and "Parma" trademark registered previously and currently held by Canadian company Maple Leaf. For over 15 years, because of that registration, Prosciutto di Parma lives a rather unique business situation: it is not possible to find it with your own name, "Prosciutto di Parma" in fact, because they sold as "Original Ham"; while there is a Canadian generic ham regularly called and sold as "Parma." Over the years the Parma Ham Consortium has promoted a number of lawsuits demanding the removal of the mark, but all procedures have failed dispelling this right that could instead be recognized, albeit with more limited mode, if the agreement is approved even permanently by the Council and the European Parliament and the Canadian Parliament which must be presented. Source article


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