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Alberto Piso was born in Cagliari where he now works as an insurance agent. As a child he was always attracted to the culinary arts. He was the fifth of five children and spent his childhood helping his mother prepare ravioli and other typical dishes of his island for the large family who appreciated these delicacies. He emerged as a devout foodie and over the years he tried to learn as many recipes as possible putting them into practice and serving them to relatives and friends. Currently there isn't a weekend that he is not seen in the kitchen creating dishes that please his diners eye and sustains their palate. His region of Sardinia, with its products of the earth and sea is of great help to those who decide to follow the passion of food. Piso confesses "I'm sure if I were to be reborn I certainly would choose to go to a hotel school, changing my current vocation with a room and desk to a life with pots and cookers. The kitchen is not only for eating, it is much, much more!"

Company - Restaurant: Blogger/Foodies

Location: Sardinia Italy


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