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Born in the Cilento area of Campania, Alex came to the United States at the age of sixteen.

Upon finishing University, he realized that a career on Wall Street was not his true calling. He discovered his passion for Italian wine at Palm Bay Imports where he worked to cultivate a wide knowledge of the import and sales business, quickly moving up to be the Tri-State Area Manager.

Alex went on to work closely with the President of Campari USA to establish a marketing and sales network for the brand, rising to the post of Empire State Manager.

To satisfy his passion for food, Alex took a leave from the wine and beverage business to assist the President of Dairyland, a major distributor of quality imported food products, in expanding his connections to Italian producers and chefs in the New York metropolitan area. In another phase of his work in the food business, Alex opened markets throughout the United States for the most well-known espresso brand in the world, Lavazza.

Alex transitioned back to the wine industry, when he assumed the managerial and import posts at Vias Imports and Winebow/LLS Selections, overseeing both the import and distribution for the state of New York.

Most recently Alex co-founded Enoclassica Selection, an importer/distributor representing over 50 artisinal Italian Producers, championing family-owned, artisanal wineries that represent excellent quality and value. His passion for quality Italian wines and the traditions they represent have driven him to continue his introduction of lesser-known wineries to the market, thus giving voice and visibility to those who truly represent today"s fine art of Italian winemaking.

Company - Restaurant: Co-founder Enoclassica Selection

Location: Tri State Area (NY - CT - NJ)


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