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Zafferano & Co. Friends: Giancarlo Basciu


GianCarlo Basciu was born in Sant Antioco, Sardinia not far from the capitol of Cagliari. He developed his craft in the industry beginning at an early age in family hotel Meladroxia in Sant Antioco and later at the 4 star Mercury hotel in Cala Sapone. When his experience was complete he secured a position in Rome at the Pantheon Hotel. Eager to learn more he had the opportunity to work in London at the well known Topo Gigio restaurant. In the 90’s he arrived in New York expanding his experience working with Baraonda, Serafina and Bella blu as general manager/sommelier. In 2005 he joined the team at Mezzaluna as their esteemed wine director and continues to wow oenophiliacs to this day

“ I know GianCarlo for many years, he’s one of the first people I met in New York. He always makes you feel at home and important. His kindness and decorum help you transcend from the hustle and bustle of life and feel cared for, GianCarlo is not a one dimensional general manager he is gracious to a fault.” -Gianluca Deiana

Company - Restaurant: Mezzaluna Associates

Location: New York New York

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