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Chef Francesco Angelucci born in Ortona Abruzzo on 15/05/1981 he grew up in Francavilla a little village closed to the sea, with his family. Francesco's Grandfather,. was a peasant and a very humble man. he teach Francesco at a early age, about talian Culture and food. Him and his Grandfather use to make olive oil together, cook huge meals for the family, and so on. Francesco fell in love right away for the culinary world,so he went to a culinary school in Abruzzo. Right after his diploma, he decide to start his journey in London at Locanda Locatelli ( starred Michelin restaurant Chef Giorgio Locatelli) than he moved to il Greco Restaurant in Frankfurt than Bernot Paris, Cipriani Italy, and so on... In 2015 he moved to United States of America, where he currently covers the position of Executive Chef at Brioso Restaurant.

Chef Francesco Angelucci Said :

"I would be very happy to be part of Zafferano & co. Group. Following our telephone conversation today I was very impressed by Mr.Deiana from his desire to keep our authenticity, tradition and originality to the table.

P.S. I deeply believe in what you do. I think it is the key of success in America, and the slogan that i embrace the most is: "the difference between the impossible and the possible is in a person's determination"

Ciao Gianluca a presto

Company - Restaurant: Brioso

Location: Marlboro New Jersey


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