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Emilio Vitolo was born in Salerno Italy. He came to the United States as a child. As he began elementary school he realized he did not like New York school so at this tender age he began his life’s work at a local pastry shop. He fell in love with the food industry immediately. After years of growing up in this environment Emilio, as a young man, went on to work at the high end pastry shop, Ferrara in NYC. In a short period of time he had the opportunity to buy Ballato Restaurant. During his tenure at Ballato, Vitolo was dedicated to keeping Italian traditions alive in his kitchen, creating a name for himself which attracted an elite patronage.

Vitolo’s passion has only grown and he has now passed this passion on to his three sons who fuel the Ballato brand, teaming up as general Manager, Executive Chef and Maitre’d.

Mario, Emilio Jr. and Antonio are dedicated to the vision of authenticity their family embodies and support each other in this team effort.

What impressed me about Ballato is that, upon meeting Vitolo in this unpretentious and humble ambiance I could see the fire of passion in his eyes. He took me into his realm for four to five hours where I enjoyed a truly stimulating conversation speaking with a chef of such understanding and experience. At one point we were discussing a recipe for spaghetti olio aglio and peperoncino and he went into the kitchen and whipped it up.. and it was perfect.

Company - Restaurant: Emilio's Ballato

Location: New York - New York

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