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Chef Gianluca Deiana: Horse Meat Tartar with Mint and Sicilian Capers

Prep. time: 15

Cook Time:

Difficulty: 1 out of 5

People: 4


Tenderloin choice (Horse Meat) 480 gr

clove of garlic 8

Pecorino Sardo (Dry)

mint 1

Red onion (Garnish) 1

lemon 1

Baby Capers (I cant give you an accurate measure depends on your palate)

extra virgin olive oil (Cold Press)

Himalayan salt

Black pepper

Fresh quail egg 1


For the recipe of horse tartar with mint , cut with the knife the horse meat to obtain medium-sized chunks (salpicon style). Finely chop the garlic and the baby capers and add it to the horse meat ; stir and season with salt , oil, black pepper , juice of half a lemon and finely chopped mint. Complete with freshly shaved Pecorino sardo and place the quail egg before serving .

Wine pairing: Massetto Ornellaia



Chefs Corner:

The horse meat, is a very interesting type of red meat from a nutritional point of view: it has a reduced amount of fat (at least the cuts that are marketed in Italy), a high content of vitamins and protein and especially stands out for its high iron content The cholesterol values ​​are similar to those of beef and pork, is therefore a false what you read in many websites, where it promotes horse meat as free of cholesterol. Horse meat has a sweet taste, somewhere between beef and venison, and goes just cooked (often, you eat raw as carpaccio or tartare) to make sure that maintains unchanged its tenderness. For some time, at least in Italy, the horse meat is considered a noble food better suited for people with anemia (due to the high iron content in it), for pregnant women and for children in the developing world. And I think they are many people like me who remember with little pleasure those steaks of horse meat overcooked that Mom forcing you to eat "because this is good for you" my mother use to say in Italian "mangia la carne che sei pallido " ( eat the meat you're pale) and every time i feel little sick i knew i will have horse meat overcooked for lunch and dinner . Now i do the same with my son but i let him choose the temperature. :-))

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