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Chef Gianluca Deiana Abis: Focaccia Pugliese

Prep. time: 40 min

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Serve: 4


1 large potato 200 grams of flour 300 gr wheat semolina 25 gr dry yeast Salt to taste. extra virgin olive oil q.b. 300 ml of water 150 ml of olive olives

Ingredients for stuffing:

10 cherry tomatoes 1 pinch of oregano Salt to taste.


Boil the potato, peel it and crush it with a potato masher or if you don't have it, crush it with a fork. To prepare the dough for the focaccia: in container mix ingredients, such as the previously crushed potato, semolina, flour, salt, yeast, extra-virgin oil and the water has to be added slowly until a soft and elastic dough is obtained. The realization of a good dough is fundamental for the success of an excellent Apulian focaccia. The dough needs to rest for about 8 hours, wrapping the container with a blanket so that it can grow while remaining warm. It's time to place the dough in the pan. Before doing it, brush with oil all over the edges, and place the dough in the pan, turning over so both sides cover with oil then spread it with the fingertips. Stuff with halved cherry tomatoes and season with oil, salt and oregano, as required. Heat the oven to 220 °, place the pan in the oven and cook at 220 ° for about 30 minutes.

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