Zafferano & Co. Friends: Chef Stefano Rassu


Stefano Rassu from Aritzo ( Nuoro ) was born in Cagliari, Sardinia in 1976. Rassu comes from a family of Restaurateurs / Hoteliers and grew up with a love of food and cooking surrounding him.

As an adult he spread his wings by leaving Sardinia to open a restaurant in Australia. He kept his roots and brought his passion and love for his land to Australia. At his restaurant Pomodoro Sardo in Melbourne he initially struggled to locate authentic products as he introduced and educated his adoring patrons to the joy of Sardinian flavors. Particularly careful in his choice of ingredients, Rassu uses products imported from Sardinia as well as integrating other products in the new continent rigorously created by Australian countrymen. He advocates and checks for quality of this "Salami Australia" where he utilizes delicate hams and sausages made ​​with traditional Sardinian practices. The results are a traditional-fusion that entices the Australian pallet.

Company - Restaurant: Pomodoro Sardo

Location: Melbourne Australia


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