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Chef Kevin Luigi Fornoni was born in Milan August 18,1993 from humble origin, his Dad who worked the land together with is grandfather on a farm in the south of Milan, has taught him to appreciate the food and its wonderful nature already at an early age.

He started as a waiter, and in the meantime he was one of the youngest choir directors of Lombardy, from the floor he moved in the kitchen at a very young age where he found the similarity with his first love "The Music".

From that moment on, Kevin career in the kitchen grew tremendously, his love for Food, Music and Art merge together perfectly.

Kevin "draws all its dishes." and he does it inspired by Jackson Pollock (the fathers of abstract expressionism). Which his not an easy painter to represent in the Italian Cuisine.

I personally consider Kevin a painter of the Italian Cuisine "Il Pittore".

Kevin quotation during my interview :

"In my humble career I lead the kitchen of the two-star Michelin restaurant La Scaletta in Milan where I was introduce to the art of Jackson Pollock. Also I worked for other great Italian Chefs such as Cracco (2 Star Michelin Chef) and Filippo la Mantia where I learned the seriousness and dedication of the Italian cuisine. "

Company - Restaurant: Bistrot

Location: Milan Italy


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