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Pbread Natural Bakery di Stefano Pibi: Il re dei Lievitati: Il Panettone

Cook Time: 50 minutes

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

Serve: 6


Ingredients of the first dough: 55 g Sourdough at third refreshment 219 g Panettone flour Z Dallagiovanna 69 g Caster sugar 80 g Corman butter 83 g Water 55 g Pasteurized egg yolks Ingredients of the second dough: 55 g Panettone flour Z Dallagiovanna 16 g Panettone flavor 55 g sugar 5 g sea salt 72 g Pasteurized egg yolks 85 g Corman butter 39 g Water 115 g Sultanas (I used Chilean rum raisins) 87 g Candied orange (I prefer it in quarters and knife cut) 29 g Candied cedar (also for cedar, I prefer the whole halves to be cut with a knife) Ingredients for the panettone aroma: Honey from the Untreated orange peel Untreated lemon peel Vanilla mix: Madagascar, Tahiti, Mexico, Bali

Preparation: The days before proceeding to the first dough, the sourdough must be strengthened by carrying out subsequent refreshments. On the day of the first dough, then, the sourdough must be refreshed three times and, as soon as ready, proceed by adding the flour, sugar, water, soft butter and yolks into the mixer. Next, the sourdough and egg yolks must be added. The dough is ready when completely strung but not overly worked! At this point, simply pirl gently and leave to rise at 26 ° C for about 12 hours or, in any case, until the dough has tripled. The next day, the first tripled dough is cooled for about an hour. As soon as they are ready, put them back in the mixer, add the flour and flavorings and work until smooth. At this point add sugar and part of the egg yolks and work until absorbed well. Then add the salt and another part of the yolks. As soon as the dough returns smooth, begin to incorporate the soft butter and the remainder of the egg yolks. As soon as the rope is picked up, the consistency of the dough is adjusted with the final dose of water. The last step involves inserting the fruit which, if desired, can be greased with a little melted butter removed from the overall quantity. It is necessary to knead slowly for a few minutes. At this point leave the mixture at 28 ° C for about half an hour. After putting the dough in the appropriate panettone baking tray, leave it to rise up to the edge of the mold, about 6-7 hours. As soon as ready, leave to air dry for 15 minutes, add a few pieces of butter and bake at 170 ° C for 50 minutes or, in any case, until it reaches 94 ° C at the heart! Remove from the oven and turn over until completely cooled. Before being tasted, Panettone should be left to mature for at least 4-5 days, in my opinion the best compromise between softness, taste and aromas!

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