Gianluca Deiana Abis: Focaccia Con Pomodorini E Origano/ Tomato And Oregano Focaccia

Prep. time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes Difficulty: 1 out of 5 Serve: 6

Ingredients: 7 oz or 1 5/8 cups of Manitoba flour 10,5 oz 2 3/8 Cups of All purpose flour 1 1/4 cup of Water 0.17 oz of Dry yeast 1/4 cup of Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp of Honey 4 tsp of Salt

For topping

1 lb of Cherry tomatoes 1/4 cup of Extra virgin olive oil Oregano qb Sea salt qb


To prepare the focaccia with cherry tomatoes and oregano, start preparing the basic dough. Sift the flours into the bowl. Add dried yeast. Mix well and add honey. Start adding about 3/4 of water, pouring little at a time. Once the mixture has taken shape, add the salt and rest of the water.

When the mixture has absorbed all the water, add oil again little by little in order to allow the mass to absorb it gradually. Knead you’re dough for about 15-20 minute. After that form a ball and put it in a previously oiled bowl. Then let it rise for a couple of hours by covering the bowl with plastic wrap

In the meantime, cut the tomatoes in half and press them lightly to make them lose the seeds and their liquid. Then add oregano and keep everything aside. After the two hours of leavening, the dough will have doubled its volume. At this point oil baking pan and place the dough on it, by spreading it with your hands very gently. Once the whole surface of the pan has been covered, sprinkle the focaccia with cherry tomatoes and drizzle with oil, also sprinkle with sea salt and oregano, and let rise for another 30 minutes. After that, cook the focaccia with cherry tomatoes and oregano in a preheated oven at 375° for 45 minutes.

Chef tips: Cook the focaccia with cherry tomatoes and oregano in the low oven shelf in order to give the base more crispness!


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